My one-day tour at Emily Park


I spent a hot humid summer day at Emily Provincial Park on a media tour. Several skill training programs occupied the agenda:  including learning to fish, canoe, and camp.

Emily公园位于Omemee以北的Regional Road 10,距离皮尔逊大约90分钟车程。沿着一条天蓬步道行进,就可以进入这个拥有沙滩、美丽湖泊以及许多露营点的休闲公园。在此之前我还听说沿着步道行走有可能看到青蛙、野龟和红翅黑鹂等野生动物。

About a 90 minute drive from Pearson, Emily Park is located at Regional Road 10, just north of Omemee. A canopy trail takes you into the recreational park that offers a sand beach, beautiful lake and camping sites. I was told that wildlife such as frogs, turtles, and red-winged blackbirds can be seen along the trail.



Spike the snapping turtle



Wildlife always sparks my curiosity and interest.  Living in a city offers little chances to see or approach them. But when Spike, a snapping turtle residing at the park greeted us, I was delighted.



The Snapping turtle is Canadas largest freshwater turtle, reaching an average length of 20-36 cm and a weight of 4.5-16.0 kg. Spike was less than one year old when it was adopted by the park last summer. But well-fed, he soon grew up to the regular size, except that his olive coloured shell seemed smaller to his size. Ive heard that snapping turtles would bite when threatened, but Spike showed a pretty calm temperament he seemed not the least bit disturbed when being lift up from his deep sleep. He was moving his paws and nodding his head, showing a friendly gesture to a visitor like me, who, the first time in life, got the chance to view such a live creature.



Camping sites


Located near Peterborough, Emily Park is surrounded by many tourist attractions. If you are seeking more exciting outdoor activities, setting up a camping site at the park is smart way to plan a more adventurous getaway and to enjoy the authentic nature. Spending $45 a night, you have access to a camp site that includes fresh water, bathroom facilities, and even a washer and dryer.



The park offers a Learn to Camp program where camping guides teach you overnight camping skills from tent setup to camping safety.  Setting up a tent is a seemingly simple task, but it requires practice and skills. To our luck, as we were trying to set up an 8 person camp, it started to rain.



Bad weather can wreak havoc on your camping experience, but it can also make your outdoor experience more exciting and fun.  In fact, listening to the heavy downpour inside your tent can offer you an extraordinary camping night. It can also soothe you to a goodnight sleep.



Sand Beach

在步行几分钟后,我们就抵达了Emily公园的沙滩。虽然沙滩面积并不是很大,但却非常温暖舒适。这片沙滩的独特之处还在于它为游客前往附近的几个湖区——Pigeon LakeLovesick LakeClear Lake作独木舟之旅提供了一个完美的启程点。

Within a few minutes walk, we reached the beach area in Emily Park. The parks beach isnt very large, but the beach sands are nice and warm. What made the beach special is that it makes a perfect launch pad for a canoeing trip to several nearby lakes -- Pigeon Lake, Lovesick Lake and Clear Lake.

但我更为惊讶地了解到,著名的特伦特——赛文水道就纵横交错于这些湖泊之上!在这些湖泊之间有一些水坝和船闸,而泛舟穿过这些船闸会是非常令人兴奋的体验 。在我卖掉我的快艇Sully号之前,我就曾梦想过穿越该船闸的冒险之旅。湖上轻舟荡漾之美景不禁勾起我对以往游湖之旅的回忆,同时也再度激发了我水上冒险行程的幻想。

What has amazed me more was the fact that these lakes are crisscrossed by the famous Trent-Severn Waterway! There are a few dams and locks between those lakes and boating through the locks can be a great exciting experience. I had a dream about a boating adventure through the Waterway locks, before I sold my powerboat-- Sully. Watching people canoeing on the lake had conjured up my memories of my past lakeside excursions, and has created a renewed desire to embark on a waterfront adventure again.


We finished the one-day tour before the sunset. Before leaving the park, I had made out a plan for spending a weekend at the park.


A two night camping plan at the park seemed very appealing. As Canadians are hit by another bout of recession, it could be the best and cheapest way to have a summer gets away. Plus, I could get another chance to meet my new friend Spike-- again.





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