Tang's "legal career" up in the air

多伦多的一家律师行Cintosun Law的老板Brian Cintosun


Last week, Mr. Weizhen Tang was released from jail on full parole. While his renewed freedom marks a turning point in Tang’s life, his family is still struggling in financial hardship. According to the couple, they have no income, no home and are highly in debt.


While on parole, Tang still faces a $2.8 million fine imposed during his sentence hearing.  In an interview with Chinese News, Tang says he will find a job to support his family and to help pay for the fine.

唐表示在他众多的就业机会中,他首选做一名法律助理。多伦多的一家律师行Cintosun Law被列于唐的假释申请资料中。该律师楼的执业范围广,但大多为包括从移民到房地产等多种民事案件。

Tang says among his numerous employment opportunities, he prefers to work as a legal assistant.  Cintosun Law, a law firm registered in GTA, was listed as a potential employer in Tang’s parole application. The firm practices a variety of legal matters, mostly civil – from immigration to real estate.

该律师楼的老板Brian Cintosun曾为一名医生,后转为执业律师。他在接受《大中报》采访时表示,他尚未决定是否会雇佣唐。

In an interview with Chinese News, Brian Cintosun, a medical doctor-turned lawyer, says he hasn’t yet decided whether or not to hire Tang.


“I haven’t got a chance to talk to him yet,” says Cintosun. “But we will talk face to face. He just got out, and l will let him rest a bit.


Asked whether the job salary could help relieve Tang’s financial trouble, Cintosun says:


“At his point, it is hard to say whether he can help me or not, let along how much I can pay him.”


Cintosun says he got to know Xiao, Tang’s wife, through his daughter – who is the classmate with Tang’s son. He seems sympathetic towards the couples’ predicament, and provided Xiao with legal services while Tang was in jail, largely on a pro-bono basis.


“I’ve only met his wife before… she had a lot of legal issues related to real estate.”


Apparently, Cintosun refers to the couple’s dispute with TD Bank over the family property, which resulted in a foreclosure, leaving Xiao homeless.


Cintosun says he doesn’t believe Tang was a crook, or intentionally defrauded his investors, but he stayed short at clearing his name.


“I don’t know whether he is innocent or not. It was a complicated and heavy case. I haven’t had the time to review his case yet.”


Cintosun says he believes that Tang has gained some legal background as he defended himself throughout the criminal matter.


“Since he has been in the system, he may have gained some general knowledge on the law. He has been dealing with the justice system for both civil and criminal matters for the entire time.”


But it is seems preposterous to hire a former inmate who gained some legal knowledge in dealing with the justice system as a criminal. When asked whether anyone who has been in the criminal system can make a potential candidate for his law firm, Cintosun paused before replying:


 “For my law firm, I’ve never hired any person in this situation before. “

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