保守党党魁选举: 不在乎族裔选票的庄文浩
PC leaderhip candidate Michael Chong

编者按:参选联邦保守党党魁的,具有华裔背景的保守党国会议员庄文浩因为支持联邦自由党的反伊斯兰恐惧症动议在华裔社区引发激烈争议。Bob Mok在介绍联邦保守党党魁竞选之领先候选人的专栏系列文章中表示,庄文浩是少数并不在乎族裔选票的政客之一。读者如欲参照前文,请点击http://chinesenewsgroup.com/news/659546
Editor’s Note:Michael Chong, a PC leadership candidate is a Conservative Party MP with Chinese heritage, whose support for Liberal’s anti-Islamphobia motion has sparked controvery in the Chinese community. Chong is one of the few politicians who do not seek benefit from heritage votes, writes Bob Mok, as he continues his column series on the frontrunners in the PC leadership race. For the previous article , please go to http://chinesenewsgroup.com/news/659546

So far, we have looked at: Maxime Bernier, Kevin O'Leary, Andrew Scheer, and Kellie Leitch. 


Now, let us examine the rest of the relevant candidates from the group of 14 contestants:

奥图— 44岁的奥图是代表安省杜咸选区的国会议员(2012–至今),他曾担任反对党保守党的影子公共安全与应急部长(2015–2016)。在此之前,他曾担任退伍军人部部长(2015)。

Erin O'Toole – 44 years old, is the MP for Durham, Ontario (2012–present) and was Shadow Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness (2015–2016) for the Conservative Party in Opposition. Previously, he served as Minister of Veterans Affairs (2015)

He served in the Canadian Armed Forces for a decade before practising law. He was briefly the veteran affairs minister, inheriting the contentious portfolio from Julian Fantino as the Harper government tried to mend relations with veterans’ groups over cuts to services and benefits. The Ontario MP unsuccessfully ran for interim leader of the party after the 2015 election, and served as opposition critic for public safety. 


Mr. O’Toole wants to address youth underemployment and student debt through targeted tax credits. His immigration policy would restructure the Temporary Foreign Worker and Provincial Nominee programs. 

雷蒂— 48岁的雷蒂是代表安省米尔顿选区的国会议员(2015–至今),在此之前,雷蒂还代表过安省霍顿选区(2008–2015),并担任过前影子财政部长(2015–2016),交通部长(2013–2015),劳工部长(2010–2013),以及自然资源部长(2008–2010)。由于在从政生涯中担任过多个内阁部长职务,她显然拥有丰富的任职经验。

Lisa Raitt – 48 years old, is the MP for Milton, Ontario (2015–present), previously Halton, Ontario (2008–2015) and the former Shadow Minister of Finance (2015–2016), Minister of Transport (2013–2015), Minister of Labour (2010–2013), Minister of Natural Resources (2008–2010). She certainly has a lot of experiences as cabinet minister for multiple portfolios throughout her political career.


Ms. Raitt plans to introduce balanced budgets, repeal carbon pricing legislation and prioritize the development of Canada’s natural resources. 

亚历山大— 48岁的亚历山大曾出任公民及移民部长(2013–2015),国防部长议会秘书(2011- 2013),并曾是代表安省阿贾克斯-皮克林选区的国会议员(2011–2015)。在从政之前,亚历山大曾就职于加拿大的驻外外交机构,其中主要是在加拿大驻俄罗斯大使馆工作,在2003年至2005年他曾担任加拿大驻阿富汗大使。在2005年至2009年间,亚历山大还曾担任过联合国秘书长阿富汗事务副特别代表。除了英语,亚历山大还会说流利的法语和俄语。

Chris Alexander -  48 years old, is the former Minister of Citizenship and Immigration (2013–2015), Parliamentary Secretary to Minister of National Defence (2011- 2013)[45] and the former MP for Ajax—Pickering, Ontario (2011–2015). Prior to entering politics, he served as a member of Canada's foreign diplomatic service, most notably in the Canadian Embassy in Moscow and as the Canadian Ambassador to Afghanistan from 2003 to 2005. From 2005 to 2009 he held the post of Deputy Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary General for Afghanistan. In addition to English, he is fluent in both French and Russian languages.


As Stephen Harper’s immigration minister, he oversaw sweeping and controversial changes to Canadian residency requirements and dual-citizenship laws. In the Harper government’s final months, he came under heavy criticism for Ottawa’s handling of the Syrian refugee crisis, as well as the “barbaric cultural practices” tip line proposed by him and one of his current leadership rivals, Kellie Leitch.


Mr. Alexander touts immigration as the key to economic growth, pledging to increase Canada’s intake of immigrants to a maximum of 400,000 new arrivals a year. 

庄文浩— 45岁的庄文浩是代表安省惠灵顿-荷顿山选区的国会议员(2004–至今),他曾担任过影子环境副部长(2015-2016)。此外,他还出任过政府间事务及青年事务部部长(2006) ,以及体育部长(2006)。2006年,庄文浩因为反对哈珀政府承认魁北克省为加拿大的国中之国而宣布辞去内阁职务。

Michael Chong – 45 years old, is the MP for Wellington—Halton Hills, Ontario (2004–present) and was the Deputy Shadow Minister of the Environment (2015-2016). He was Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs and Youth (2006) and Minister of Sport (2006). Chong resigned from the Harper cabinet in 2006 to protest the government's recognition of the Québécois as a nation within Canada. 


Many Chinese know Michael primarily due to his heritage. His father is a Chinese immigrant from Hong Kong and his mother was from the Netherlands. When there was a suggestion that there were not enough Chinese-Canadian MPs representing areas with large Chinese populations, Chong noted he was elected in a riding with a 97% Caucasian population, while John McCallum was elected in Markham—Unionville, which is more than 60% Asian. Chong argued that these results reflected his idea of Canada, adding that he favoured the creation of a "common Canadian identity that will allow for greater understanding among ethnic groups". He is one of the few politicians who will not seek to benefit from heritage votes.


As a backbench MP he advocated democratic reforms in Parliament to limit the power of the Prime Minister's Office and party leaders over their caucuses and individual MPs and introduced the Reform Act to give caucuses the option of the power to remove party leaders, elect caucus chairs, and expel or readmit MPs, and elect interim leaders.  


Mr. Chong has made climate change the centrepiece of his leadership campaign, promising to introduce a revenue-neutral carbon tax. 

Next time, we will try to assess the fourteen candidates and look at their chances of winning the leadership race.

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