Canada’s 150 anniversary brings special meanings to Chinese Canadians


Enthusiasm runs high as Canada marks its 150 anniversary on July, 1st,  with people from all walks of life gathering together  to celebrate their contribution to the great country. As a country with a multicultural mosaic, the anniversary has also provided a perfect opportunity for ethnic communities to grow their connections with their adopted land.   

加拿大150周年国庆也给大陆移民提供了回顾历史的机会。它让我们缅怀亚裔先辈们对加拿大做出的贡献,也让我们反省在其种族主义猖獗之时期, 早期华裔移民加拿大所遭到的种种歧视和虐待。不过,今天的加拿大极力倡导反种族歧视的新政策,并向移民们敞开了大门。可以说,加拿大的现代社会对大陆移民们的生活起着举足轻重的影响。

The 150 anniversary has a brought a historical perspective to immigrants from China. It highlights the Asian ancestry’s contribution to Canada and reflects the discrimination that Chinese Canadian faced during its intense racism period. But Canada has reshaped lives of Chinese immigrants in modern era, as it widely opens its door to newcomers and eagerly embraces anti-racism policies. 

在加国的移民政策下,一批又一批华人来到这个国家,使得中国成为加拿大巨大移民人口的主要来源国之一。毫无疑问,加拿大为80年代逃离贫困与政治迫害的中国年轻人提供加拿大梦和致富途径, 也为那些躲避空气和食品污染的现代富裕精英们提供了某种退路和安全感。然而,中国移民的下一代才是加国社会的真正受益者。

Under its immigration policies, waves after waves of China immigrants have arrived in the country, leading China to become one of the major source country of Canada’s vast immigrant population. Undoubtedly, Canada paved a path for the prosperity and offered a Canadian dream for the Chinese youths fleeing poverty and political crackdown in the 1980s, and provided a sense of security to today’s wealthy elites who try to escape the air pollution and food unsafety in their hometown. But it is the second generation of immigrants that has benefited the most from what the country has to offer.

Abundant evidence shows that Canada provides the best social mobility to the immigrants. According to StatsCan, despite the poverty and hardship that the first generation of immigrant face, their children, armed with Canadian education and credentials, are doing much better than their parents and enjoyed the great success in the country. They are rising from the lowest to the highest of income scale at a high rate – much higher than the most local Canadian demographic.  Their success is the best reward for our immigration journey and has only strengthened our connections to this ethnic diverse country – the land of peace, opportunity and growth. 

作为第二代移民  我感谢父母移民加国的选择
I appreciate my parents’ choice to immigrate to Canada
Katie Jia


As Canada marks its 150th birthday on July 1st, no doubt it will be the event of the summer. As Canadians across the nation gather to celebrate their life and gratefulness to this great country, the anniversary shed some light for those like me, of a second generation of immigrants, on the opportunities given to us by this great country.


When my parents came to Canada, they had nothing with them but 200 dollars in the pockets, and a dream to live a better life than that in China. If it wasn’t for them, neither my brother or I today would have experienced one of the best education systems in the world. Hearing stories of my parent’s childhood, and their struggle and fight for education, it really had me thinking about my life here. I still remember that the parents of a friend of mine struggled to pay for his university tuition, working three jobs and countless hours. However, the hard work by his parents payed off as he started two businesses on his own. He paid his parents back for all the tuition, as well as being able to lavish them with gifts of appreciation, all thanks to the education he received in Canada.


Of course, the education system back then in China is comparatively different than what it is now in Canada. However, compared to some parts of the world, Canada still exponentially has a better system. I had a chance to meet with an exchange student from Africa, who shared his story on the struggle it was just to receive any kind of education. He had to walk miles just to attend school while struggling with poverty himself. And then there are those who face tough competitions just to get into any post secondary education. China for example with their gao kao, just to determine whether they can even get into any university, compared to here in Canada, where we’re more worried on which school to get into whether if we’ll get in at all. 


It's easy to forget how lucky those of us who are second generation immigrants are. Born and raised in Toronto my whole life, hearing tales of life in China are ones I can’t even imagine living through. All in all, any form of success that comes to me or my brother, being the top of our class, our piano awards, getting jobs, we owe it in part to our parents’ effort to immigrate to this country. They left their home country in order to give us the best possible opportunities to grow, succeed and thrive, and their struggle proves to have been worth it.  I probably wouldn’t be where I am today if my parents didn’t reside to Canada. This country really is the true north, strong and free.

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