Ontario PC must take membership fraud seriously

前安省保守党党魁彭建邦(Patrick Brown)

Vic Fedeli, the interim leader of Ontario’s Progressive Conservative Party recently stated its membership as just over 133,000 members — about 67,000 fewer than claimed earlier by former leader Patrick Brown less than a month ago.


The membership number was verified by party's Information Technology staffs after they compared the existing database with current Elections Ontario voters lists. They also ran over all the records through the database of National Change of Address before sorting them out according to 2017 riding boundaries.


The question is why we are having such discrepancies about the memberships? The answer is somewhat discomforting – there are many phantom members and duplicated members crossing riding boundaries!


It is a known fact to observers that a group of voters has been actively involved in supporting political candidates, either those from within their own group or other prominent and emerging political stars. This action was done both federally and provincially and across party lines. In essence, the group of “professional” voters who will not only support nominees for political positions but also actually provide vote counts for them on nomination days to get candidates elected.


This bloc of voters will be able to maximize their effects where there are concentrations of populations of their own supporters in a riding. With the aid of computer graphics software, bank statements and utility bill addresses will be altered to create new members. All they need is the membership fees which are disbursed through a slush fund set aside for this purpose.


What would the group get in return for its efforts? Nominees can receive preferential treatments, a blind eye to constitution violations for candidacy qualifications. Votes at nomination meetings can also be manipulated through disqualifications of opponents or flagrant stuffing of ballot boxes. Of course, when it comes to the actual elections run by Elections Canada these tricks will not work due to Election Act itself and the large number of eligible voters involved.


Was Patrick Brown aware of the problem of the memberships? I would let you make a judgement. Patrick Brown was too absorbed in the increase of membership numbers and this played into the hands of those surrounding him.


While the alleged sexual misconduct has put an end to Patrick's leadership role in the party, we must now turn our attention to the potential and declared candidates who will be running for the party leadership. Christine Elliot, Doug Ford, and Caroline Mulroney are the front runners in the upcoming election. At least one of them is supported by this group whether this is known to the candidate or not. May be it is easier to pretend not to know about this at all!


Members and leadership in the PC party of Ontario must be on the lookout for this very dangerous manipulation of political leadership outcome. They must be vigilant and diligent in identifying this “root of the rot” and take measures to ensure that an open, fair, and proper contest is conducted to select a leader who will lead the way to remove the inept, corrupt, and wasteful liberal government in the upcoming election.


The best way to combat this “rot” is for the existing PC party of Ontario members to make sure their membership status is in good standing (with dues paid up-to-date) not later than February 16, 2018 to allow themselves to participate in the election of a new leader prior to March 24, 2018. Only through this concerted effort will true democracy be served without hindrance and blemish.

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