Billy Pang is nominated for PCs in Markham-Unionville riding


The last nomination of candidates for the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party (PC) was held for Markham-Unionville on Sunday, April 29, 2018. With that conclusion, the whole slate of PC candidates is finalized and ready for the June Provincial Election.

当晚,超过1300名党员在万锦市的希尔顿酒店投票。现任教委的彭锦威击败其他三名候选人,Andrew Keyes,蒋嘉勤和陶佳才而赢得提名。约克区议员李国贤在提名投票前几天退出竞选。 彭锦威在第一轮的投票中就获得了超过一半的选票(接近700票)。

Over 1300 PC supporters voted at the Hilton Hotel and School Trustee Billy Pang emerged the winner amongst three other nominees: Andrew Keyes, Charles Jiang and Kai Tao. Regional Councillor Joe Li dropped out of the race a few days prior to the nomination date. Billy Pang collected over half the votes (close to 700 votes) and won with the majority at the first round of the “Ranked Balloting” contest.


Over 5000 members appeared on the voting list for the riding. This was the reason why a large venue was selected in order to accommodate a huge number of participants. This was my first time voting at a riding's provincial  nomination meeting so I was not sure what to expect. Indeed, the personnel and crowd management were professional, contrary to the chaos reported in some of the earlier nomination meetings elsewhere. However, there are still room for improvement and I would like to share those items with our readers and the PC party executives.


There were no detailed instructions for the process when I entered the room. There were booths arranged by alphabetic order and stationed by party staffers and scrutineers. On the far end, a “Credentials” sign sat on top of another group of staffers. Since long lines formed on all of the stations, it was confusing for me and my wife when it comes which one to choose. So we went our separate ways and I approached the alphabetical line that matched my last name.


As it turned out, I was wrong. After discovering that I was not on the list due to a recent address change, a “Referral” form was filled out by the staff and I was directed to the “Credentials” line. Simple instructions would have made this more process more efficient. The fact that I informed the Party of my change of address 10 days earlier did not help. The database was not updated at all and so the printed lists excluded me.


Another surprise was the lack of instruction for filling out “Ranked Ballots”. I overheard a couple of voters discussing what to do with filling out their ballots. They were confused about what to do with selecting two candidates. One was saying to the other: “put a “X” in the box for each one of them!”. This is so wrong if they had done so and the ballots would be spoiled. In “Ranked Balloting” numerical numbers are supposed to be used for ranking multiple nominees. Simple instructions will go a long way towards getting the voting done properly.


I also saw people turned away after being asked if they paid for their memberships themselves. No knowing the full story, I can only assume that they must have been rejected by staff based on solid grounds. Another thing that I have noticed was the number of very young persons holding foreign passports coming in for voting. While the party's constitution allows for those who are non-permanent residents to become members, it distorts the picture for available voter support when it comes to the actual elections. In both the Ontario and Federal elections, only Canadian citizens are eligible to vote.


Overall, I found the winning candidate presented great organizational skills and has a very well-trained campaign team with substantial number of volunteers. Now that the contest is over, PC members should unite under their leader Doug Ford and work together to unseat the current Liberal government.


Ontario cannot afford ta $10 billion per year interest payment for the next decades. It is now clear that voters had enough of the current government and no amount of “candies” given out with taxpayers' money can entice the voters to continue to support a corrupted and wasteful party.


To many Ontarians, the day of reckoning (election day) will descent in June.

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