Concerns raised over Toronto wealthy developer‘s murky relationship with politicians


Ted Zhou, a wealthy Chinese condo developer in Toronto, has joined the club of wealthy Chinese entrepreneurs who immerse themselves in the politics of the adopted country. From a generous Liberal donor to a zealous Conservative advocate, Zhou’s political donations in Canada seem indiscriminating between political parties but aiming at advocating for Beijing’s interest and influencing Chinese Canadian diaspora. 


Zhou seems started his political activities in Canada soon after he landed in his adopted country in 2013 and he has since risen to prominence in the Chinese Canadian communities. He has left a list of footprints across different political parties in Canada, showing strong support for Chinese Canadian political candidates at all levels of Canadian governments.

据《环球邮报》报道,周建成积极参与加国华裔聚集选区的政治参选活动。他向Don Valley North的自由党国会议员谭耕的竞选机构捐赠$400元后又成为该选区保守党省议员柯文彬的高级竞选顾问。他在2015年向万锦於人村联邦自由党机构捐献$1,028元, 在2016年向Ward 21市补选候选人Jack Wang捐赠$500元。

According to the Globe, Zhou involved in election campaigns in Chinese Canadian concentrated ridings. He donated $400 to Liberal MP Geng’s riding association in Don Valley North and then became a senior campaign adviser to the same riding’s PC candidate Vincent Ke; He donated $1,028 to the Markham-Unionville Federal Liberal Association in 2015, and $500 in 2016 to Ward 21 by-election candidate Jack Wang.


Prior to switching his support to the Conservatives, Zhou made maximum donation to the Liberal party and attended the infamous cash-for-access fundraiser in 2016 featuring PM Trudeau. A month after the fundraiser, Mr. Zhang Bin, a CPPCC member and fellow billionaire Niu Gensheng announced a donation of $1-million to the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation and the University of Montreal Law School, including $50,000 for a statue of the Prime Minister’s late father.


A political network by Zhou to advocate for Conservative values includes ten organizations from BC to Alberta to Ontario as well as a national organization called the Federation of Chinese Canadian Conservatives (FCCC). His network has raised eyebrows of the Election Commission and faces accusations of supporting the Conservative Party to skirt election laws. On Nov. 9, FCCC held a dinner and rally at Richmond Hill to solicit support for the federal Tories. 


The Globe also reports that Zhou takes the role as a director of Putian-Xianyou Association of Canada, a federation reports to China’s United Front, a high-level organization whose mission includes guiding overseas Chinese.  Zhou is the honorary chair of the Federation of Chinese Canadians for the Promotion of Chinese National Reunification, which helps facilitate Beijing’s agenda of winning overseas support for bringing Taiwan back to China. 


Zhou has forged close political ties with Canadian politicians – including Senator Victor Oh and Liberal MP Geng Tan – both of whom have reportedly cultivated relationships to the agents of China’s soft power.  As president of the Canada China Economic Trade and Cultural Exchange Promotion Alliance, Zhou attended a welcoming dinner for Chinese deputy consul-general held by Senator Oh. 

在加国逮捕了华为高管,中国扣押了加国前外交官之后,中加关系日益紧张化。在此之际,周的政治活动引起加国安全专家们的担忧。加国前安全情报部长Richard Fadden表示:“周先生与中国共产党之间的关系让人不安。他建议称周可能会被利用来推广中共的旨意。“

Zhou’s political activities have raised concerns among Canada’s security experts at the time when China-Canada tension rises after Canada arrested Huawei exec and China detained a former Canadian diplomat. “Mr. Zhou’s connections to Chinese Communist Party organizations are troubling and suggested he could be used to help promote Beijing’s agenda,” Richard Fadden, a former director of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, told The Globe.


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