摆脱微信视角 我看到“孟晚舟”事件的另一面
After I left WeChat, the deafening voices from the site still haunt me


Every Chinese Canadian feels the heat of Meng crisis as the tension between China and Canada continue to soar.  But not every one of us views the crisis through the same lenses. Living in Canada, a country of freedom, allows me to have a front row seat to the real face of China, forming a view about the bullying government that I would never have made under the influence of the regime’s propaganda.


China detained two Canadians on spying charges and sentenced a Canadian drug dealer to death in retaliation to Canada’s arrest of Meng Wanzhou heeding the US extradition request. A wave of nationalism swept through WeChat as cheers erupted to praise China’s actions. “Excellent punches! They hit back hard and hurt our target (Canada) badly!” “They help defend our national pride and country’s sovereignty, washing off our century of humiliations! “China’s rise is unstoppable, and it will terrify the westerns to death.” 

The cheering reactions are unsurprising. WeChat, a Chinese language social media has immense influence among Chinese citizens and newcomers to Canada. Beijing has been running its censorship operations in full throttle, using its “Red Dot” mechanism to marginalize different voices and to keep out any information that threatens the regime’s power. Meanwhile, it has blasted the site with bombastic rhetoric, clogging it with its misleading directives and prejudiced accounts.

当我离开微信而搜寻那些不受中共控制和影响的独立信息,中国政府的另一种形象浮出水面,这些涵盖广泛并有报道深度的媒体让我看到微信读者看不到的专制政权的另一付面孔, 即一个欺凌弱小,任意拘禁,虐待无辜,践踏民主价值观和法律的独裁政府的真面目。这是一个怀着疯狂,称霸世界之野心的国家,为扫清障碍而不顾一切,即使采取绑架人质,使用残酷和虐待等暴力手段也在所不惜。

A different image of China emerges as I switch my news feed from WeChat to independent media, which are free from Beijing’s control and influence.  The vast information sources have led me to see the other side of China obscured from WeChat users – an authoritarian government bullying a middle-powered country, arbitrarily detaining and mistreating the innocent, and eroding democratic values and the rule of law. It is a country with a wild and aggressive ambition to become the world’s unique superpower, willing to go at any lengths – even by resorting to hostage taking, cruelty, and torture -- to intimidate those who dare to stand in its way. 

《环邮》的社论文章“孟晚舟事件让世界看到真实的中国”一文中表示“从逮捕康明凯和斯帕沃尔到将第三名加国人士判处死刑,我们从中看到一切都简单明了:那就是任何一个敢与中国政府对抗的国家都会面临不期后果和报复下场,那就是它的国民将遭中国政府拘留和虐待…… 北京政权想让世界其他国家都明白,与中国政府对抗没有好下场……。这就是实力和国际影响力不断上升的中国政府的真实面目。”

“The lesson to be taken from the arrests of Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor, and the death sentence to Robert Schellenberg, is plain: Countries that defy Beijing may face reprisals, including having their citizens detained and maltreated,” says a Globe editorial with headline “With Meng affair, China shows its true face to the world.” “The regime wants other countries to know that they will pay the price if they cross Beijing… It is how Beijing will behave as its influence and power increase,” the article continues.  

实施绑架并利用无辜生命做筹码是对人权法的侵犯,这种行为一贯遭西方媒体的严厉谴责。一位专栏作者写道:“利用专制权力袭击手无寸铁人士没有任何骄傲和尊严可言,反之它只能带来羞愧和耻辱。” 另一篇专栏则称:“你能想象这类事件会发生在民主和法制国家吗?”

Kidnapping individuals and using their lives as bargaining chips are the gross violation of human rights – which has been in the crosshair of Western media’s condemnations. “There is no single ounce of pride in using the state power to attack unarmed individuals, but only disgrace and shame,” writes an op-ed writer. “Can you imagine similar incidents happening in a nation of democracy and law?” writes another.


After I closed WeChat app on my phone, the deafening noise from it continues to haunt me, filling me with dread about the social media’s magic ability to churn out massive idiots in droves– day in and day out. I slapped my version of “Red Dot” on these posts – by deleting them one by one, feeling blessed that I am not one of the victims.  

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