把纳税人的钱揣进自己和朋友的腰包 再卷进一个刑事犯,DVN选区省保守党柯文彬周围的人都干了啥?

Self-serving and self-dealing, plus a convicted felon, what happened in PC Ontario MPP Ke’s circle
来源: 贾宁扬(Jack Jia)
Mr. Vincent Wenbin Ke, the Don Valley North (DVN) PC MPP and DVN PC Ontario riding association have been in the news since May 10, 2022.

自 2022 年 5 月 10 日以来,多伦多Don Valley North (DVN) 选区的安省保守党省省议员柯文彬和该区的保守党选区协会不停地上新闻。

Mr. Ke Charged the riding association $54,717 in expenses since 2018, including nearly $30,000 in 2018 on “meals, food and drink,” another $12,000 in 2019 on “meals and entertainment” and more than $13,000 since 2018 on gas, parking and auto-related expenses.

柯先生自 2018 年以来向选区协会收取了 54,717 元的费用,其中包括 2018 年近 30,000 元的“膳食、食物和饮料”费用、2019 年的12,000 元“餐饮和娱乐”费用,以及自 2018 年以来超过 13,000 元的汽油、停车和汽车费用。

Also, Ontario Liberals has sent a letter to OPP commissioner, asking police to investigate why Mr. Ke’s staffs and friends set up 15 corporations after Mr. Ke was elected MPP in June 2018, and at least one corporation received funding of $25,000 from Ontario government. According to the letter, the sole director of the corporation is Mr. John Jiancheng Huang, the husband of Ms. Tina Yueyue Zhang who is a staff in Mr. Ke’s constituency office.


PC Ontario denied any wrongdoing with the funding to John Jiancheng Huang’s corporation.


According to a report by CTV News Ottawa on September 3, 2009, in a massive $11.7 million grow-op bust by police, Mr. John Jiancheng Huang was arrested by police for growing marijuana illegally. During the raid, 4 properties were seized by police.

渥太华 CTV 新闻 2009 年 9 月 3 日报道,在警方进行的价值 1170 万元的大规模捣毁大麻种植的行动中,黄建成因种植大麻而被警方逮捕。在突袭中,警方扣押了4处财产。

A source confirmed to the Chinese News that Mr. Huang was convicted and was sentenced to 4 years of house arrest.


Chinese News could not independently verify if the 2 Jiancheng Huangs are the same person.


The questions about Mr. Huang raised by Chinese News to Yueyue Zhang, John Jiancheng Huang, DVN PC riding association, Mr. Ke’s campaign manager and Ontario PC, were not responded to when this report is published.


On May 12, 2022, Mr. Ke published a statement in a few Chinese media outlets in GTA, hours after Chinese News reported Global News story about Mr. Ke’s charges to DVN PC riding association.

2022 年 5 月 12 日,在大中网/096.ca报道了加拿大环球新闻有关柯先生在选区协会拿钱的报道的几小时后,柯先生在大多伦多的几家中文媒体上发表了一份声明

Mr. Ke did not say in his statement if he would disclose the receipts he charged to DVN riding association. He insisted that he did nothing wrong.


In the statement, Mr. Ke also accused the Global News of groundless and malicious attack against him.


Chinese News has been trying to interview Mr. Ke and asking him to disclose his charges to public. He has not responded to the requests yet.


In a phone interview by Chinese News, Mr. Joe Reis, the president of DVN PC riding association, promised Chinese News that the association would give Chinese News the receipts for 2018 on Friday afternoon, May 20, 2022. He has not done that yet.

DVN安省保守党选区协会会长Joe Reis在接受大中网/096.ca的电话采访时承诺,协会将在2022年5月20日,星期五下午向大中网/096.ca提供2018年的收据。但他至今没有兑现。

On Thursday, May 26, 2022, Chinese News managed to get the records of DVN PC riding association’s expenses from 2017 to 2020.

2022 年 5 月 26 日星期四,大中网/096.ca通过努力拿到了DVN保守党选区协会 从2017 年至 2020 年的费用记录。(http://chinesenewsgroup.com/news/676176)

The documents show DVN PC riding association received a total of $584,526.99 from donations from 2017 to 2020. The amount does not include money transferred from 2016, membership fees, allowance from PC Ontario, and Election Ontario.

大中网/096.ca从文件里发现,DVN安省保守党选区协会从 2017 年到 2020 年共收到了 584,526.99 元的捐款。该金额不包括从 2016 年转入的款项、会员费、来自于安省保守党和安省选举局的津贴。

Ms. Christine Yan Liu, Mr. Ke’s constituency office manager and campaign manager, as well as his landlord in Toronto Municipal election, was paid $6,030 in 2018 and $2,010 in 2019 as professional fee. She received these funds even though she was at the same time paid by Mr. Ke’s constituency office.


It is an apparent double dipping to Ontario taxpayers.


Ms. Tina YueYue Zhang, a staff of Mr. Ke’s constituency office and Ms. Christine Yan Liu’s business partner, was paid $3,116 in 2018 as professional fee while she was working for Mr. Ke’s constituency office.

2018 年,柯先生选区办公室工作人员、刘女士的商业伙伴张月月女士在选区协会拿了3,116 元的专业服务费用。她当时也在柯先生的议员办公室拿工资。

Mr. Kevin Jiaping Li, a mortgage broker, was paid $9,788 in 2018 and $5,000 in 2019 for professional fee.

抵押贷款经纪人李家平先生在 2018 年从选区拿了 9,788 元的专业服务费用,在 2019 年拿了5,000 元的专业服务费用。

Mr. Li, reached by Chinese News on Friday, refused to be interviewed in English by Chinese News. He apparently struggled to speak in English when Chinese News reached him.


Ms. Liu refused to answer any questions from Chinese News and referred the questions to PC Ontario. Ms. Zhang did not respond to Chinese News’ interview request and Mr. Li hanged up on Chinese News.


Ms. Liu refused to even answer if she was the sole cheque signing officer for the bank account of DVN PC riding association and who authorized payments above.


Chinese News contacted Ms.  Lucia Yanchen Fu, a CFO of DVN PC riding association. She refused to answer the questions on cheque signings.


Ms. Fu posted a message on the Chinese social media WeChat, denying any wrongdoing by Mr. Ke and DVN PC riding association.


Chinese News could not reach Mr. Ke for comments.


The documents show that Mr. John Jiancheng Huang was paid $12,960 in 2018, $2,100 in 2019 and $6,300 in 2020. The total payout was $21,360.

文件显示,黄建成先生在 2018 年获得了 12,960元,2019 年和 2020 年分别获得了 2,100 元和 6,300元。总额为 21,360 元。

As mentioned above, Mr. Huang was the husband of Ms. Tina Yueyue Zhang, a staff working in Mr. Ke’s constituency office, and a business partner of Ms. Christine Yan Liu.


Mr. Huang’s corporation, registered after Mr. Ke was elected as MPP in 2018, received a funding of $25,000 from Ontario government.


Chinese News tried to reach Mr. Huang for interview and could not reach him.


Mr. Ke and his campaign manager Ms. Christine Yan Liu did successful work in collecting donations from public. Majority of Mr. Ke’s donors are Chinese and most of them donated $400 each year from 2017 to 2020.

柯先生和他的竞选经理刘燕女士在公众募捐方面取得了成功。记录显示,柯先生的大部分捐赠者是中国人,其中大多数人在 2017 年至 2020 年期间每年捐赠 400 元。

Chinese News was told by a source that Mr. Ke invited donors to donate him $400 and would kickback to the same donor gift cards such as Costco gift card in the amount of $100.

一个消息人士告诉大中网/096.ca,柯先生邀请的捐赠者向他捐赠400元,并将向捐赠者返还价值100元的礼品卡,如 Costco 礼品卡。

Documents show that DVN PC riding association spent $11,897.06 in Costco in 2019, $2,133.18 in 2019 and $3,686.74 in 2020. Those expenses were categorized as meal and food.

文件显示,协会 2019 年在 Costco 的购买费用为 11,897.06 元,2019 年为 2,133.18 元,2020 年为 3,686.74 元。这些费用被归类为膳食和食品。

Election Ontario gives donors tax credit of 75% if the donation is under $427. That means, a donor to Mr. Ke in the amount of $400 will receive a tax credit in the amount of $300. The donor would pay out nothing if he or she received a gift card in the amount of $100.

如果捐款低于 427 元,安省选举会给予捐款者 75% 的税收抵免。 这意味着,向柯先生捐赠 400 元的人将获得 300 元的税收抵免。 如果捐赠者收到价值 100 元的礼品卡,他或她不会支付任何费用。

Mr. Tony Maoling Lin, president of Fuzhou University Alumni Association of Canada, donated to Mr. Ke $400 each year from 2017 to 2020, according to the documents.


Mr. Ke and Mr. Lin graduated from the same school, Fuzhou University of China.


Mr. Lin was paid $1,000 by DVN PC riding association in 2019 as “data process and services”.

选区协会在2019年向林先生支付了 1,000 元作为“数据处理和服务”。

It means that Mr. Lin received a tax credit of $1,200 for his $1,600 donation, plus an income of $1,000 for his “data process and services”.  The Chinese News cannot verify if this type of donation/kickback practices were a pattern at DVN or was just a single unique case.  

这意味着林先生的 1,600 元捐款获得了 1,200 元的税收抵免,和1,000 元的“数据处理和服务”收入。 大中网/096.ca无法核实这种捐赠/回扣行为是否是DVN安省保守党选区协会的一种做事模式,或者林先生只是一个独特的案例。

As an elected MPP, Mr. Vincent Wenbin Ke does have a duty, an obligation and responsibility to provide answers and proofs to his constituents as soon as possible.


Chinese News plans to apply for access to public information for the receipts if DVN PC riding association and other pertinent parties continue withholding the information requested.

如果 DVN安省保守党协会和其他有关方面继续隐瞒所要求的信息,大中网/096.ca计划通过透明信息法去获取那些开销收据。




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